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Free online game : bbCity

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In short :

- bbCity is a free game.
- Can be played alone or with friends.
- I'ts a online game.
- List of the highest scores on line (highscores).
- Personal statistics of gamers online.
- It is possible to interact with the environnement.
- Objects can burn, break, explode, ...
- The characteristics of the character can beings improved.
- Create your own potions (unlimited combinations).
- Gifts to win.

bbCity was created in 2013 and is constantly evolving ever since. Through active participation of its players, bbCity relied on feedback from players advised to offer an optimized game, fresh and exclusive.

The game is in french.

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Warning: Due to some scenes may contain violence and nudity, this game is not recommended for gamer under 16 years old.


Updated on sunday 8 february 2014

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Version : 0.3460

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  • Baptiste Alvino 2014-6-4_229-54_Alosrib
  • Baptiste Alvino 2014-6-22_2227-31_Birsola
  • Baptiste Cheater 2014-11-30_1742-24_Sorisia
  • bbCity 2014-1-3_130-9_Alosrib
  • Flora Tournesoleil 2014-1-9 128-32 Alosrib
  • Nexise Adfah 2014-12-2_015-53_Birsola
logo batboss bbCity large1 Baptiste Alvino 2014-6-4_229-54_Alosrib2 Baptiste Alvino 2014-6-22_2227-31_Birsola3 Baptiste Cheater 2014-11-30_1742-24_Sorisia4 bbCity 2014-1-3_130-9_Alosrib5 Flora Tournesoleil 2014-1-9 128-32 Alosrib6 Nexise Adfah 2014-12-2_015-53_Birsola7

Free gifts for bbCity (game's codes)

Statistics of gamers

Online players

bbCity’s blog

Facebook fan page of bbCity


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